You found me, welcome to my little home on the interwebs.
Here you will find everything and anything to do with me Alexander aka ThatXanderGuy.

The content is a little sparse right now, but over the coming days, I’ll get all the pages finalised and we can see where this little adventure takes us. So what we waiting for? Thanks for checking my website out and I look forward to seeing you in my streams, discord and in my life. Much love guys.

Yes, if you didn’t already know – that handsome fella to the right is me, surprise. Gorgeous, right?

I guess it’s not the most flattering picture, but I’m no professional or anything, so that’s what you’re getting for now – Well, unless you’re a professional and want to hook me up?

Also, whilst I’m accepting professionals in my life.. If anyone knows how to make fancy videos, hit me up.